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Threads launches timeline without suggestions and is more like Twitter

by Janes

It took a total of 20 days, the same as 20 years in the age of the internet, but Threads finally launched the “Following” feed for their app. Now, you’ll finally be able to see posts only from accounts you follow, not from whoever the algorithm shoves down your throat. However, in these 20 years, I mean, days, 70% of the public has been bluebird – gone.

As soon as Threads debuted, the main criticism from the public (from what I saw in all the internet discussions out) was about the absence of a feed with only the accounts you follow – just like the social network formerly called Twitter, which turned into X.

How to enable the Threads “Following” feed
To access the “Following” feed tab you need to click on the Threads icon, that stylized arroba. Thus, the app will show both feed options. By clicking the icon again, the “For You” and “Following” Feed tabs is hidden. This choice of interface can confuse users (as it happened to me in the beginning).

New feed finally arrives, but has some little problems
When you close the app and open it again, it will first show the “For You” feed, just the one that everyone found a bag — and the tabs are hidden. Here’s another criticism: This pattern of opening “For You” basically keeps the problem going. You’ll open it and see someone random, not the one you follow.

The accounts you choose to follow are your priorities. Except on TikTok, but there the fun is precisely in the algorithm’s suggestions — not in the bland friends trying to go viral. So the point is to open Threads and what you follow by default. Then you see the suggestions. And you can’t select what to open by default.

When you open the Following/Chronological feed for the first time, you won’t see all the latest tweets, I mean, the threads. By the tests done, he stopped showing the publications after a few scrolls. However, a few minutes later, I went back to the feed and scrolled down until I found yesterday’s posts. But the most recent post was more than 30 minutes ago — the effect of losing 70% of active users after hitting 100 million users.

Now, to leverage Threads and recover lost accounts, Mark Zuckerberg needs to fix these options of which feed to open and launch a desktop/web version, because relying solely on one device to use a social network is tricky.

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