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Google Makes New Round of Mass Layoffs

by Janes

Google announced on Thursday (11) that it has carried out a new round of layoffs at the company. This layoff, according to the New York Times, will affect the big tech’s hardware, engineering, and Google Assistant divisions. The company didn’t reveal the exact numbers of layoffs, but The Verge only reported that it’s “something close to 1,000 employees” — without setting the margin of error for plus or minus.

New mass layoff at Google
The announcement of Google’s new mass layoff comes almost a year after the layoff of 12,000 employees. Now, the number of employees sent out on the street seems smaller”it seems.” The Verge reached out to Google to find out if there will be more layoffs in this wave, but did not hear back from a company spokeswoman.

At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, when several big techs carried out several walkthroughs (journalistic jargon for mass layoffs), there were announcements of layoffs from the same company in different periods. For example, Amazon did a layoff in November 2022 and another in March 2023.

In the last financial results release, held in September 2023, Google had more than 182 thousand employees. The layoff of 1,000 people (rounding up) represents almost 0.5% of its workforce. Also last September, Google laid off hundreds of employees and announced a hiring freeze.

Google’s hardware division contains the teams responsible for the Pixel, Google Nest, and Fitbit devices, which worked separately. Now, as 9to5Google reported, all of these sectors have come under a single leadership. As a result, there will be greater integration between product teams.

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