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Turned Google? Instagram will show ads in search results

by Janes

The rule is quite easy to understand: without ads, a social network does not survive. And Instagram wants to survive on leftovers — or rather, searches. The platform announced last Tuesday (21) that it will show advertisements in the results of searches made by users.

The other form of ad that Instagram has created brings a tool for the user to activate a notification. The feature will be useful for brands that want to advertise events, especially those that will launch new products. Starz, the U.S. pay-TV channel, is one of the first to test the feature.

Buy, buy, buy! Instagram brings new ads
Ads in Instagram search results follow the same model as Google and Bing. The user will do a search and see some paid results. According to Instagram, this format will be used in searches involving commercial establishments – and content.

For example, in the case of shops, did you research any Mexican food restaurants? Instagram will show, in addition to suggested accounts, an ad for some such restaurant. But there is a doubt in the air.

How will Instagram make ads assertive? Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, complains that Apple’s privacy policy has affected the company’s Ads segment. As a result, the ads on their networks (and all others) got “bad” — to say the least.

The other ad, with the option to receive a notification, isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s not that you’ll receive ads by notification, but you can enable a reminder directly from an advertisement.

In the Instagram release, the company showed a Starz ad to illustrate. In the channel’s advertisement, the season premiere of The Walking of the Dead is announced. The user will be able to click on the option to remember the event. So when the series starts, Instagram will send you a notification.

This format is also useful for mobile phone manufacturers. Maybe the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked and iPhone 15 launch event will appear on your timeline in this format.

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