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“The Queen of Chess” becomes a musical

by Lucas

The queen of chess, the novel written by Walter Tevis, after being adapted into a TV series produced for Netflix will be the basis of a musical being developed for Broadway.

“The Queen of Chess” is the series of the moment. That’s why (VIDEO)

Level Forward purchased the theatrical rights to bring to the stage the story of orphan Beth Harmon, who becomes a chess prodigy. Adrienne Becker, COE of Level Forward, and producer Julia Dunetz said:

For Level Forward it is a privilege to bring The Queen of Chess to the stage thanks to the beloved and enduring art of theatrical musicals. The story will be told through a brave and fresh point of view, and viewers are already sharing the friendship and fortitude of the women who inspired the story and who give energy and support Beth Harmon’s path and triumph. The story is a reminder of our contemporary struggles for gender and racial equality, and we look forward to moving the project forward.

Golden Globes 2021, here are all the winners of the TV series

The book The Queen of Chess portrays beth harmon’s percoso that took her from Kentucky to international chess tournaments around the world, following the difficulties faced by the young woman to overcome her addictions and the prejudices of a world with men at the center.

The Netflix-produced series starred Anya Taylor-Joy and won two Golden Globes and two Critics’ Choice Awards.



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