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Samsung takes 4 GB of virtual RAM Plus memory to more Galaxy phones

by Janes

The solution began appearing on the Galaxy A52s 5G in September. But now, according to SamMobile this Sunday (3), Samsung is expanding the use to other models, as is the case of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, released in Brazil the same month. The expectation is that the novelty will reach more cell phones in the future.

Other manufacturers also offer the technology to their phones. This is the case of Xiaomi, which made the solution available for thirty smartphones in mid-August. The feature is still present on Oppo and Vivo phones.

As stated earlier, the resource increases the amount of available memory. Thus, the south Korean brand’s folding phone, which already has 12 GB of RAM, has an additional 4 GB of virtual memory. According to the company during the launch of the Galaxy A52s 5G in Brazil, the function promises to improve the performance of the mobile phone:

“Through it, consumers will have more speed to run multiple applications at the same time, because it dynamically allocates up to 4 GB of internal memory virtually to RAM.” Samsung Brazil

Still, it is unclear whether the appeal is, in fact, effective. As noted by the specialized website, Android has mechanisms to shut down background applications to prevent ram exhaustion. However, some manufacturers are even more demanding in this control, as is the case of Samsung itself.

That’s what DontKillMyApp says. In February 2021, the website that ranks manufacturers according to their aggressiveness when shutting down apps in the background revealed that Samsung was being too strict in its interface for Android 11. At the time, the South Korean manufacturer reached the third position in the ranking.

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