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Red Magic 7 Pro is a mobile gamer with camera under screen and virtual RAM

by Janes

Anyone who likes to play on mobile will gain some options of devices designed with this use in mind. The newest are The Red Magic 7 and Nubia’s Red Magic 7 Pro. They were released on Thursday (17) in China and bring impressive specifications: up to 18 GB of RAM (plus 6 GB of virtual memory) and 1 TB of storage, loading up to 135 W and camera under the screen.


Smartphones come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, Qualcomm’s latest top-of-the-line. The advanced model also features the Red Core 1 chipset, dedicated to gaming tasks. To take care of all this, the devices rely on the Ice 8.0 cooling system, which includes a fan at 20,000 rpm and air ducts.

Heating protection is also important when putting these little monsters in the socket. The basic model supports up to 120 W recharging, while the Pro is compatible with up to 135 W.

In the case of the more advanced version, the promise is to fill the battery of 5,000 mAh in up to 15 minutes, while the basics should complete the 4,500 mAh in 17 minutes.

The figures face the Redmi K50G from Xiaomi, announced on Wednesday (16) with support for up to 120 W of charging and promise of full recharge in 17 minutes.

165 W charger even for notebook gamer (Image: Reproduction/Nubia)
The charger that comes in the red magic 7 box goes a little further. It reaches 165 W, enough to provide power to a notebook gamer in case the user needs it.

Red Magic 7 Pro has up to 24 GB of RAM
The default model has 8 GB and 12 GB of RAM options and up to 512 GB of storage. The Pro version offers options with 12 GB, 16 GB and 18 GB, reaching 1 TB to save files, photos, apps and, of course, games.

In addition to a lot of RAM, Nubia included the possibility of expanding it by transforming a part of the storage into virtual memory, as xiaomi and Samsung already do. In the case of Red Magic 7 Pro, an additional 6 GB can be added, reaching 24 GB.

120 Hz screen and camera under the display
As it could not fail to be, Red Magic 7 and Red Magic 7 Pro rely on very high numbers of refresh rate and sampling rate to ensure good performance at the time of play.

Interestingly, the basic model has the highest refresh rate screen: 165 Hz versus Pro 120 Hz.

Regarding the touch sampling rate, the situation is reversed: the basic reaches 720 Hz, while the most advanced reaches 960 Hz.

They also have triggers on the sides for ease of gameplay. Here the sampling is also high, 500 Hz, and the promise is a response time of only 7.4 ms.

Red Magic 7 Pro’s camera gets under the display
Red Magic 7 Pro camera is under display (Image: Reproduction/Nubia)
The screens of the two models are OLED with FullHD+ resolution and 6.8 inches. They have no cutouts, holes or notches, but the Pro model holds a little secret: the front camera is under the display.

Speaking of cameras, the two handsets have a triple set at the rear, with a 64 megapixel main sensor, ultrawide 8 MP camera and 2 MP macro. The front has 16 MP.

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