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Razer Investigates Hacker Attack and Data Selling for $100,000

by Janes

Razer seems to be in bad shape because of an alleged hacker attack. The cybercriminal reportedly obtained data related to the virtual currency Razer Gold, which is present in some famous titles. This person would be negotiating the sale of the information on online forums for the equivalent of $100,000 in Monero. At today’s exchange rate, it would be approximately R $ 480 thousand.

For now we have few details about the case. The target of the criminal activity would be Razer itself, not the users of the platform. Razer Gold is used in games such as Clash of Clans and Genshin Impact, as well as the Nintendo eShop, according to the American website Polygon.

Company admits problem
Razer sent out a specialized press release. In it, it says it was alerted to a potential hacking attack on July 9. “The team immediately conducted an extensive check on all Razer websites and took all necessary steps to protect our platforms,” the company said.

There is no information on the exposure of Razer Gold user data. The currency is for transactions within games. From it derives the Razer Silver coin, which would be a kind of reward from the player’s expenses.

The screenshots presented as evidence for the possession of the alleged information appeared in an online forum with folders that indicate the name zVault. This was the name of Razer’s payment system before Razer Gold’s arrival in 2018. There is no way to know if the information in the “offer” is old or recent.

In fact, the hacker does not promise exclusivity or anything of the sort. Anyone with $100,000 to spend could buy the package. The payment in Monero would have to do with the greatest difficulty in tracing the payee of the payment.

Bleeping Computer noted that user sessions on Razer’s platforms have been terminated worldwide. That is, people will have to re-authenticate to access the services.

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