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OnePlus 10 Pro Review: Works Well, But Gets Lost in the Pile

by Janes

OnePlus 10 Pro is the latest born of the Chinese house, arrived in Italy after a lukewarm debut at the height of a not easy period, materialized with the official merger with OPPO. For the moment it is the only flagship of the house and continues with some technical ideas inaugurated last year such as the collaboration with Hasselblad for the camera department, while strenuously trying to preserve some of that personality that had made the “flagship killer” smartphones popular.

OnePlus 10 Pro is a smartphone to which I approached, in all frankness, without the usual curious enthusiasm that always accompanied me during the unboxing of the well-kept red never settle packages, because over the years I have followed the whole path, from the mythological OnePlus One to the high standards of the OnePlus 9 Pro, and now I can only see how poetry has been lost and the latest born is more than anything else one among the many, which we probably won’t remember for long.

At first glance OnePlus 10 Pro is a smartphone at least interesting, which tries to stand out from the others with a series of well-thought out physical characteristics. In particular, the back is characterized by a large photographic module that houses three lenses and a double LED flash, the ceramic “tile” binds seamlessly to the metal side frame, a bit in the style of Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The back cover is in satin glass (Gorilla Glass Victus), for both black (Volcanic Black) and green (Emerald Forest) the finish is satin and does not retain the fingerprints. It therefore creates a beautiful play of reflections and materials between glossy metal frame, ceramic camera bump and matt glass back cover.

The second aspect worthy of note is the thickness, reduced to just 8.55 mm that immediately in the hand transmits a beautiful feeling of refinement, although it exposes to some structural stability problems, for which in truth we are not very worried considering the use that is made of a smartphone. Instead, it is felt, and contributes in returning a premium feedback, the vibration, entrusted to a linear motor that moves on the X axis, precise in haptic feedback but powerful when it has to be felt in the pocket.

The dimensions are important, the weight barely exceeds 200 grams but it is never excessive since it is well distributed on the body of the device.

The front part has instead remained the same as last year, with a hole in the upper left, fairly thin frames and slightly curved edges. Pleasant overall but now seen and reviewed on many products. Finally, it confirms for the physical slider to set the silent mode and not disturb, a very comfortable element and inexplicably used only by OnePlus.

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