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Official Logitech Lift: wireless vertical mouse, even for left-handers

by Janes

Logitech Lift is the new vertical mouse of the Swiss company: it is wireless, with a rather refined design (the company calls it “Zen”) and rather high-end. Twist: there is also for left-handers, which is quite a rarity – but unfortunately it is only for business users. Although the name is not explicit, formally the mouse is part of the Logitech Ergo range. It is available in three colors: pink, off-white and graphite gray.

Lift isn’t Logitech’s first vertical mouse: there’s also one belonging to the top MX range. The points in common between the two are quite evident – starting from the inclination of 57 ° of the surface. However, MX is only available to right-handers. MX Vertical, however, is more generous in size, so Lift is more suitable for medium and small hands. Vertical mice have been around for some years now, and are useful in counteracting postural pain in the forearm in the case of prolonged use – which can lead for example to epicondylitis (commonly called “tennis elbow”).

Logitech Lift is equipped with a very quiet, fast and precise magnetic SmartWheel, and uses the usual advanced wireless connection typical of the company’s products – via the proprietary Logitech Bolt protocol or the more traditional Bluetooth LE. Logitech Flow software lets you drive up to three devices at the same time. The mouse is also made of post-consumer recycled materials in varying percentages depending on the color finish: 70% for graphite, 54% for the other two. It is also zero-emission certified like other Logitech products.

Logitech Lift is already available on Amazon at the list price of € 81.99; on the Italian site it does not yet appear. Unfortunately, as we said, for the left-handed variant you have to turn to the “for business” program, in which, however, the pink color is not provided.

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