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Logitech Combo Touch review, the real alternative to Apple’s Magic Keyboard

by Janes

A few weeks after the arrival of the 5th generation iPad Air on the market (which we have reviewed HERE) it is time to take stock. The question that resonates like a mantra in the mind of those who intend to approach such a device is always the same, this time observed from a different angle: net of the hardware specifications, the powerful Apple Silicon M1 and the features, can an iPad – in this case an iPad Air – become a valid replacement for the PC if combined with a good keyboard? After all, using a peripheral brings about a profound transformation of a tablet’s experience and, if valid, is truly a difference.

On the Magic Keyword, the most suitable Apple keyboard for the latest generations of iPad, we have already spent many words: robust and solid, comfortable for writing, backlit, with a high-performance trackpad and more. Yes, but also very expensive: 339 euros to add to the value of a device that in the basic 64 GB version costs almost 700 euros is not a trivial matter, but the regulars of the bitten Apple know – and accept – even its price list.

On the market, however, there is no shortage of more accessible and no less performing variants that manufacturers, primarily Logitech, are quick to propose as an alternative to Cupertino’s offer.

The Combo Touch is a case in point. This is not a new product, the launch dates back to last year to support the 12.9″ iPad Pro of 5th generation, iPad Pro of 11″‘ of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation and iPad Air of 4th generation.

With great pleasure, however, we discovered that the keyboard is also compatible with the fifth and last generation of iPad Air. And if it is true that “old hen makes good broth” (old so to speak), we could not avoid testing it even with the new entry of the family.

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