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Lady Mafia: Veronica Ciardi and Francesca Del Taglia protagonists of the music book trailer …

by Gabriela

The e-book of the noir novel Lady Mafia will be free for 5 days! And you can download it from the comfort of Amazon starting March 21, 2021, national day against all mafias.

The offer, strongly desired by Pietro Favorito, author of the well-known comic book and novel, will be anticipated by the release of the music video “Falling in the dark”, signed by HotPlay and made with comic images, motion graphics and 3d animations. Klaus Docupil and the same Favorite, founders of the dj/producer group HotPlay, are not new to this type of initiative, having already made a music trailer book for “HotPlay – Stories of vampires and revenge”, the comic book dedicated to them.

The protagonists of “Falling in the dark” are Veronica Ciardi and the influencer Francesca Del Taglia, popular faces thanks above all to the big brother and men and women formats. To them the honor of playing the main characters of the novel, staging in addition to a settlement of accounts in the criminal field, also a kiss … hot.  Who knows if the Duo Ciardi-Del Taglia will be able to eclipse the attention that the main national media and YouTube had lent to the duo Ciardi-Nile, when their sapphic kiss earned the music video “Lady Mafia, No more Rain” a crazy number of views: over 5 and a half million!

In perfect style of HotPlay, here is therefore a unique artistic product, where different forms of art merge together to give new and intense emotions. Certainly controversial. On the other hand, the mood of the booktrailer is the same as in the novel, whose noir story flows via pleasant and exciting, punctuated by the rhythm and sonority of “Falling in the dark!”

Returning to the e-book, the novel shines a spotlight on a Mafia that for a long time has been ignored by the media, namely the Foggia mafia and does so by telling the story of Lady Mafia and her thousand faces. Lady Mafia is still the story of the Brenta killer, a ruthless hitman from northeast Italy. It is the story of the Conegliana, the niece of Pacchiano, the Treviso leader of an economic empire made up of recycling and toxic waste. It is the story of the Angel of Death, returned to Puglia to climb the steps of the Foggia mafia and ally with the “Most Holy Trinity”. And it is the story, together, of the girlfriend of Pierluigi, son of that Calabrese at the top of the local underworld, the sexy Federica Neri, dangerous seductress of the police commissioner most unseated at the “New Society”, and Veronica De Donato, the secret lover of the beautiful Sabrina Morganti. But Lady Mafia is above all a story of revenge. Against the background of a hidden and umbrian Foggia, made up of night-clubs and prostitution, drugs and gambling, Veronica has only one mission in her head and heart: to infiltrate the mafias of Italy to find Giacomo, the missing little brother, and make her pay personally to the murderers of the De Donato. Will a young woman overcome the scepticism of a wild and sexist environment? Can Veronica get on the trail of the bunch of thugs who broke into her house ten years earlier to rape her and exterminate her family? And will he make it all the way to the Doctor, the mysterious man in the massacre?

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