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JBL Tune 125BT Bluetooth headset: neutral sound and lots of battery

by Janes

This is the JBL Tune 125BT, considered an evolution of Tune 115BT. According to JBL, the new generation of 2021 arrives with advances in connectivity and autonomy: Bluetooth 4.2 leaves the scene to enter version 5.0 and the battery, which before offered 8 hours of playback, now provides 16 hours of music and podcats. In sound, however, it seems that there were no significant upgrades.

In the year of its launch, JBL asks R $ 199 for Tune 125BT, that is, R $ 80 more than the predecessor, which still appeared for sale while I produced this review. To find out if it’s worth the investment, I tested the new JBL product and count my impressions below.


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The JBL Tune 125BT was provided by JBL on loan and will be returned to the company after testing. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

Design and comfort

Made to stand on the nape of the neck, the JBL Tune 125BT is a wireless headset, but not entirely. This type of design, style “eyeglass color”, also found in Beats Flex and Sony WI-C200, greatly facilitates the life of those who are always on the move and need the wearable to be very firm so as not to strain on the floor. Just like competitors, the 125BT has magnets that help prevent entanglement. The system here doesn’t seem to be as firm as beats flex, yet JBL earns points for ensuring protection.

This is an entry product and the finish accompanies this proposal. The rubberized cable has a great feeling of durability, but the controls present there are simple plastic, which is not a problem, since we are talking about a basic device. Although it has a sportsman’s design, the gadget has not received any IP certification and I analyze that JBL has missed the opportunity


Features and connectivity

The controls of the headphones were also very well developed, in view that allow the user to easily command what is reproduced. The right control brings the power button, which can also be used to pause and play, and to trigger the virtual assistant by pressing twice. There are also the volume buttons, which are hybrid, and still serve to skip and rewind tracks. I really liked this system adopted by JBL and, throughout the tests, I had the feeling of having all the command of music by the gadget itself, without the need to pick up the phone at all times.


Tune 115BT, released last year, hit stores with Bluetooth 4.2, but its successor arrives with version 5.0. I always like to test the range and stability of the headphones and, around here, the result of the 125BT is ok. It was possible to walk around the house with the phone distant, passing through some walls, but in some moments, the audio was cut off. It is not the end of the world and the experience is not fully compromised, but well that JBL could invest in a Bluetooth 5.2 to avoid this problem. The multipoint connection, which is always a highlight in the brand’s headphones, works very well and I was able, for example, to switch the connection of the 125BT between the phone and the tablet without any difficulty.

Sound and microphone quality

Let’s get down to business. Although it promises “powerful and accurate bass” with the Signature JBL PureBass, I noticed that the Tune 125BT is a headset with neutral sound, with a profile that should please those who like something less powerful and more open. All this does not represent a negative point, but I must point out that the intensity has left me a little intrigued. The volume of this headset is not so

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