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JBL Reflect Mini NC Bluetooth headset: energetic but with shy ANC

by Janes

With robust design, active noise cancellation and rich in connectivity features, the JBL Reflect Mini NC is the new bet of the North American brand for sports. Official ized in 2021 for R $ 899, this is not a cheap headset, but can be an alternative to Jaybird Vista, Jabra Elite 75t and Sony WF-1000XM3, which go from R $ 1 thousand.

In the specifications, the JBL Reflect Mini NC delivers water protection, has battery for up to 21 hours of playback with the case, promises good integration with Android devices, in addition to Google Assistant and Alexa. What about the sound? Does it please? That’s what we’re going to find out in the next few minutes.


Ethics Notice
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The JBL Reflect Mini NC was provided by JBL on loan and will be returned to the company after testing. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

Design, comfort and case

At first impressions, the design of the JBL Reflect Mini NC made me roll my eyes —literally. As soon as I opened the product for the first time, two things caught my attention: the burly structure and the finish very well done. It is all coated in plastic and rubber, and the materials seem to be of good quality, which is really fantastic for those who need a durable headset and who can handle a more intense use.

In addition to the traditional silicone tips, JBL sends these tips with “fin” that help throughout the exercises, leaving the headphones firmly in the ear. I remember that this same jaybird vista accessory hurt me and the JBL accessory, on the other hand, is very comfortable. In addition, the devices do not weigh on the ear, even full-bodied.

When running, I could see that they get stuck in the ear canal and the pressure even exists, but it does not spoil the experience, because it is minimal. On the resistance side, the Reflect Mini NC has been awarded IPX7 certification, which means it’s water and sweat resistant, so you can use it worry-free in the gym or in an open place.

The case is very simple, contrasting with the competitors, but I liked that JBL put a cordinha to facilitate the transport of the wearable. On the front there is an LED that assists in charging, while in the back has a pairing button and the USB-C port to power. Without a matte or rubberized material, it is worth noting that the case can scratch easily.

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