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Jabra Elite 75t Bluetooth headset: crystal clear sound with ANC

by Janes

Small and packed with technologies, the Jabra Elite 75t is a fully wireless headset that rivals Apple AirPods, Bose SoundSport and Beats PowerBeats Pro. The model has sophisticated design, active noise cancellation delivery, 28 hours of battery life with the case and a four-microphone system that filters noise for cleaner connections. Does it make sense to bet on the product?

The successor to the Elite 65t can still be a good option for those who practice physical exercises. Is it a good alternative to Jaybird Vista? In the last few days, I’ve tested the Jabra Elite 75t and i’ll tell you if it’s all that even in the next few minutes.


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Jabra wanted to adopt another strategy with the Elite 75t. While the Elite 65t was a heavy phone with a large design, the new generation tries to stand out for the comfortable and better fit compared to rivals. In practice, you now have a much lighter wearable, but with still imposing design when compared to other models. It is very similar to the Jabra Elite Active 75t and the structure is all coated in plastic and rubber. IP55 protection ensures that the product is water and sweat resistant, so this is a device that will withstand your runs, walks and exercises in the gym.

If Jabra wanted to mark this generation for comfort, I can tell she did it. The Elite 75t fits very well into the ear canal, without generating tension at the time of the walks. I was able to use them during physical activities and really enjoyed the experience. In addition, the headphones are good for everyday use. You should not feel discomfort after a few hours of use at home or in the office.

The case has a minimalist footprint, but the matte material employed is a finger mark magnet. The inner part, to house the devices, is all rubberized, reinforcing the refined finish. The rear has received the USB-C connection for power and an LED that helps you know when the battery is 100%. On the packaging, the company sends a USB-C cable with USB-A and two pairs of tips.

Features and connectivity

Jabra headphones can be controlled by Jabra Sound+. It is an application available for iPhone (iOS) and Android very complete and that allows you to check the battery, set the active noise cancellation, track the headphones, in addition to being able to update. Now, the most unusual (and cool) feature of the app is Soundscape, which puts bird, river, rain, diving and cave sounds for you to listen to on elite 75t and simply relax or focus on something.

The equalizer is right on the first screen and the company offers six preset modes (Neutral, Spreech, Bass boost, Treble boost, Smooth and Energize) for those who don’t want to move the frequencies manually. However, what has dismayed me in the application is the area that allows you to change the commands of the buttons, which was very hidden in the settings and I took a long time to locate it. This is a type of feature that should be on the main screen.

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