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iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB is at the best price we’ve ever seen

by Janes

the iPhone 13 Pro Max represents the most advanced in Apple today. Despite being the most expensive version, the photographic set, with exclusive features compared to the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, makes it more attractive for those who work with image and video. If you fit into this group, but don’t make a point of so much space, you’ll be wondering that the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max is on offer for the best price we’ve ever seen.

In Brazil, this model was announced at the price of  $ 10,499. But in this offer of Fast Shop, you can already get it for $ 6,999 cash paying on Pix. And to increase the discount, you can also buy it for a link with Zoom cashback applied, and thus get 6% of your money back. That is, when we subtract the cashback of R $ 420, the iPhone 13 Pro Max ends up costing R $ 6.579.

However, to ensure Zoom cashback, you need to make sure that you have logos on your account before making the purchase. Only then, enter the promotion page and enjoy the iPhone 13 Pro Max for the lowest historical price. Up to thirty days after receipt, the amount of  $ 420 must already be available for redemption in your zoom wallet and then can be transferred to any account via Pix. You can also check out our walkthrough on how to use zoom cashback.

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Now, if you’re still “dating” this phone before you buy it, here’s some more information for you to “get to know each other better.” His screen, in addition to being the largest of Apple’s new line —an advantage to play or watch streaming—also has a 120 Hz refresh rate.

However, the biggest highlight is the photographic set. Along with the features also found in conventional and Mini versions, such as Cinema Mode, which improves the focus on filming, the iPhone 13 Pro Max also has its exclusives. Among them, the telephoto camera, ideal for zoomed photos; and prores support, which improves color fidelity in videos.

On the hardware, this model is distinguished by the six GPU cores and the 6 GB RAM. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is also the one that delivers greater battery life. Finally, the A15 Bionic, a processor present in this generation, promises a “50% faster CPU and 30% faster GPU than the competition”. That is, it will defend with clearance the characteristic excellent performance of the brand.

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