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iPad Mini 6 Review (2021): Almost a giant iPhone

by Janes

In the presentation of the new iPhones 13 who shone it: the iPad Mini 6 (2021). Apple’s new tablet adopts the design of the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2020, and despite being inferior, the model hasn’t left the power aside. The company was very generous in equipping it with the A15 Bionic, the same processor as the iPhone 13, and even kept the USB-C connection and Touch ID for unlocking and other actions.

Costing up to 9,399 on the official website, the tablet has 8.3-inch screen with Support for the Apple Pencil pen, is compatible with the 5G network and brings stereo sound. In recent weeks I’ve dropped the iPad Air 2 to use the iPad Mini 6 as the main tablet and i share my journey with it throughout this review.

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Apple was right to get iPad Mini 6 to adopt the same visual language as iPad Air and Pro. This means that the current generation of the Mini has received the beautiful flattened sides. The strategy worked so well that the tablet was more successful than the new iPhones in 2021 and received many accolades on Twitter. Like every Apple product, the iPad Mini has a refined finish, with aluminum frame, and makes a good impression.

Analyzing usability and ergonomics, I was already used to using a conventional iPad on a day-to-day high, especially to watch series and movies. The large screen provides a more immersive experience, but holding a device of almost 10 inches per hour can be tiring. With the iPad Mini I can already hold better with both hands and, thinking 297 grams, it does not generate discomfort.

I didn’t like the location of the buttons and I always get in the way of triggering them. Both Touch ID and volume are positioned at the top of the tablet and, in my opinion, Apple had to leave at least the volume ones on the right side for easy range. I think the company must have done this because the side is used to fix the Apple Pencil pen, which is sold separately, so the only solution would be to put them on the smaller side.

Apple sent the device in purple color, which is pale and very nice. It was released in three other colors: space gray, pink and stellar. All of them are beautiful and the green and blue options found on the iPad Air are not available for the Mini model, unfortunately.

The iPad screen remains excellent. The tested generation advanced to 8.3 inches, up from 7.9 in the previous version. It was a nice jump and the gigantic edges on the panel no longer exist. This, however, does not mean that they are now slightly thin, but I have to admit that the experience of use is better. The company continues to offer the Liquid Retina display with resolution 2266 x 1488 pixels and 500 nits of brightness.

This setting gives the tablet excellent definition, great contrasts and strong brightness. I really liked the quality of the panel and, in some scenes of movies and series, the liveliness promoted by him caught my attention. It is very good to see this quality, after all one of the main proposals of a tablet is to favor the consumption of videos and other content. Just missed, even, the refresh rate of 90 or 120 Hz.

It already has support for the second generation Apple Pencil pen. The accessory is highly praised for its decent performance and can be coupled to the iPad Mini for recharging. It is an interesting item especially for you thinking of drawing on the gadget. To purchase, Apple asks exactly $ 1,599; good thing that retail doesn’t work at that price.

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