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Galaxy S22 Ultra surpasses iPhone 13 in graphics test but loses on CPU

by Janes

The Galaxy S22 Ultra integrates the most powerful and modern into its data sheet. This is the case of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. But despite delivering superior results to Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max in graphics, Samsung’s phone is left behind when it comes to CPU in benchmark testing.

The analyses were performed by two sites. Benchmark tests were conducted on a cell phone unit with snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The highlight of the launch came to the fore in the performance-focused graphics chip (GPU) of the smartphone.

On the part of the Android Authority, the lead over graphics was given to the Galaxy S22 Ultra with 9,841 points on 3DMark. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 with Apple A15 Bionic come in the sequel, with 9,587 and 9,181 points, respectively. The top five is complete with the iPhone 12 Pro Max (8,135 points) and Google Pixel 6 (6,621 points).

GFXBench 5, which analyzes the performance of the charts, was run by PCMag. With the screen set to Full HD+, the phone reached 60 frames per second (fps), higher than the 54 fps of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, in the item onscreen. In offscreen analysis, which dislikes screen resolution and considers the raw performance of the GPU, Samsung and Apple smartphones had 35 fps and 36 fps, respectively.

Despite this, Apple’s phone comes out ahead when it comes to CPU. In Android Authority testing, the iPhone 13 Pro Max had 1,722 points in the analysis with only one processor core and 4,768 points when considering more than one core. The Galaxy S22 Ultra with Snapdragon had 1,220 points and 3,417 points, respectively.

The results of PCMag also with Geekbench 5 are similar. the iPhone 13 Pro Max led the tests with only one core (1,735 points) and more than one core (4,647 points), including machine learning analysis (948 points). The Galaxy S22 Ultra had 1,232 points, 3,433 points and 448 points, respectively.

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