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Galaxy A73 5G is approved by Anatel and may have 108 MP camera

by Janes

Another Samsung smartphone has been approved by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) and, with this, gains authorization to be sold in the country. This is the Galaxy A73 5G, which should arrive to compete with other phones in the premium intermediate segment. Among the highlights expected for the device is the 108 MP camera. Learn more about the following fact sheet.

According to the document obtained by Tecnoblog, the new phone authorized for sale in Brazil has the code SM-A736B /DS, corresponding to the as yet unannounced Galaxy A73.

The battery that accompanies the model is the EB-BM526ABS, which has a nominal capacity of 5,000 mAh. The successor to the Galaxy A72 would also be compatible with fast charging of 33W.

Galaxy A73 5G Homologation Certificate (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)
Leaked images of the supposed A73 5G indicate that it will have screen with large screen utilization, and hole for front camera, plus quadruple rear camera. If rumors are confirmed, the phone should have a 108 megapixel sensor that offers greater versatility for photography.

The display should maintain the 6.7-inch size seen in past generations. Likewise, the fingerprint reader must come under the screen.

Leaked renderings also indicate that the A73 should not bring input in the standard 3.5 mm (P2) for headphones—following the pattern of the Galaxy S, Z, and Note lines. In addition, Samsung should include some kind of water protection, possibly repeating the IP67 certification already present on the A72.

Samsung has not yet revealed when will be the launch of the Galaxy A73 5G in Brazil, but with the homologation, the bet is that the announcement will be made very soon. The price of the cell phone remains unknown.

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