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Android 11 also arrives on the cheap Nokia 2.2

by Janes

Nokia has just presented 6 new smartphones, but it has not forgotten those already on the market: not only is it time to upgrade to Android 11 for models 8.1 and 2.3, but now it is also the turn of entry level 2.2, released in 2019 with a price just above 100 euros (HERE our review) and part of those devices belonging to the Android One program.


With a post on Nokia Community, in fact, the company announced that the distribution of the update that updates Nokia 2.2 to Android 11 has officially begun: as usual, the rollout will not affect all terminals, but will proceed by "waves". The first, the one currently started, will reach 24 countries, but Italy does not yet appear. However, the roadmap predicts that 10% of devices will receive the update now, 50% by April 15, and 100% by April 17. In just 4 days, therefore, the first wave will be completed: soon Nokia will then communicate the markets involved in the second, and the relative timing.

Considering that Nokia 2.2 has already received its first major update in mid-March 2020, with the jump to Android 10, in all probability – also considering that we are talking about a budget phone with a limited data sheet – this to Android 11 will be the last major update of its life cycle (different talk, instead, regarding support related to system security patches , which will continue further).

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